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    Music only makes me stronger. It speaks to the heart in ways words cannot express.

  • नमस्ते ! म झुमा लिम्बु

    Let's hope & put all our efforts to show the world Nepal's orchestra of original music.

  • Sounds of Mundhum Released

    A collection of solo and ensemble performances and a booklet featuring Limbu songs.


Sewaro! I am Jhuma Limbu - Nepali singer and researcher.

Over the last decade I have trained in classical and western musical traditions and am passionate about researching the folk music of Nepal, in particular the Limbu Tribes from far- eastern regions. My work aims to preserve and transfer knowledge of Nepali folk music and human civilization to the new generation. My recent Album ‘Mundhum ’ has been released recently which contains solo and ensemble performances and a booklet featuring Limbu songs. The musical encapsulates the essential component of the Limbu Mundhum, a story of genesis and other chants. The album is the result of my personal research on the singing tradition of the Limbu Vedic chants and on the repartee between boys and girls which form an important part of the Limbu musical culture.

Jhuma Limbu

Nepali Singer

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Sounds of Mundhum

Released: 15/03/2018
Label: Kirat Yakthung Chumlung, UK
Format: Digital download, CD
Copyright: JhumaLimbu2018

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